Hotel "Aqua Vita Polyana"

Hotel “ Aqua Vita Polyana” is located among the mountains of Polyana resort on the territory of sanatorium “Sonyachne Zakarpattya”- the most balneologie gastroenterological health resorts of the Carpathians, at an altitude of 340 m above sea level near the Polyana village. Located in a large Park consists of coniferous and deciduous trees. The air is rich with oxygen and clear.

In winter you can go skiing, and in warm time of the year to make a fascinating hiking in the mountains.

Near Private House “Polyana Aqua Resort” , there is a pump-room with alkaline-carbonate mineral water ” Polyana Kvasova”, type of “Borzhom” (carbonate hydrocarbonate-natrium mineral water contains in bioactive concentrations microelements the B and F, “Polyana Kvasova” has about 20 microelements).

Climate of resort is moderately continental: Winter is soft, Summer is unhot, Autumn and Spring are warm, quiet and sunny.

About resort

The Polyana resort located in the picturesque valley of Pinya river , which is located in the Svalyava basin (in the foot-hills of the Ukrainian Carpathians), surrounded on almost all sides by the forests.

Picturesque natural landscapes, clean air, curative sources of mineral water attract all who wishes to organize rest and treatment in Zakarpattya. Zakarpattya – an authentic part of Ukraine in which a peculiar color and culture are inherent. Combining rest and treatment in Zakarpattya, vacationers gain health, positive emotions and good mood.Many, having visited Zakarpattya once, definetly come back to this region again.

In winter on territory of sanatorium “Sonyahcne Zakarpattya” and in a Polyana village you can pleasantly spend time and go skiing.

Coming back to the favourite resorts from year to year, taking a necessary course of treatment and water procedures, the majority cures their chronic diseases. Many were influenced by the medical force of the Zakarpattya mineral water. At treatment of many gastric diseases, water Polyana Kvasova. Natural sources of this water are situated in Polyana village . This water contains calcium and magnesium therefore Polyana Kvasova possesses anti-spasmatic and anti-inflammatory effect.


There are parking on a few auto, sauna, laundry, internet on our territory. Pump-room with mineral water «Polyana Kvasova» is 150 m.

Each room has a fridge, kitchenware, a flat-screen TV, air conditioner, free Wi-Fi.


Distance to:

  • Pump-room with mineral water “Polyana Kvasova ” is 150 metres away
  • Skiing lowering the “Bear mountain” – 2000 meters
  • Ski lifts in the Polyana village – 3200 meters
  • Market is 100 meters away
  • Shops, cafe, restaurants – 50 meters
  • Lake – 50 meters
  • The Medical Center of sanatorium “Sonyachne Zakarpattya” is 70 meters away

At your service all infrastructure of sanatorium ” Sonyachne Zakarpattya”:

  • Medical-diagnostic center (you can buy the voucher),
  • Pump-room with mineral water “Polyana Kvasova” (150 meters)
  • Exercise room,
  • Billiards,
  • Outdoor swimming pool,
    Tour agency.