Medical services

Treatment at the sanatorium Sonyachne Zakarpattya

Medical services
Pre-medical and medical examination, medical surveillance and round the clock emergency care, spa treatment, therapeutic diet, medication.

Internal balneology
Drinking mineral water, gargling and rinsing nasal irrigation and underwater washing bowel microclysters, transduodenal and orthograde lavage, vaginal irrigation, massage gums inhalation.

External balneology
Carbonated Mineral, coniferous, pearl baths; circular, inkjet, rain, rising douche, underwater massage.


Paraffin-ozocerite applications

Physiotherapy treatment
Galvanization and electrophoresis of medicines, diadynamic, amplipulse, interferential electrostimulation, ultratonotherapy, darsonvalization, franklinization, magnetic inductothermy, UHF, SMV-, and UHF-therapy, solux, UFO, PILAR therapy, ultrasound, laser and magnetic laser therapy , infita, vakuumterapiya, electroanalgesia, electric, aeroionotherapy, vibroacoustic therapy.

Climatotherapy and physiotherapy
The sun and air baths, swimming pool, health path, therapeutic exercises, exercise bikes and hydrotherapy, hand massage, “dry” spine.

Additional treatment methods
Aerosol rock salt (artificial microclimate of salt mines with. Solotvino), aromatherapy, herbal medicine, psychotherapy and psyhorelaksatsiya, acupuncture, hirudotherapy, homeopathic treatments, beauty services, dental services.

Laboratory testing
Clinical and biochemical analyzes of blood, urine and feces; study of gastric secretion; duodenal intubation.

Fibrohastroduodenoskopiya, sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy, fluoroscopy and radiography, electrocardiography, rheography, spirography, ultrasound.

About five hundred people, including 23 doctors of various specialties, including two MD, about a hundred qualified nurses.

Legal basis of activity
Highest accreditation category license MOH Ukraine to treatment certificates to provide hotel services and food. Accredited laboratory.